Mojo Aluminium Barrier

Mojo Barrier
  1. 1. Rounded Top Rail - eliminates hard edges
  2. 2. Top Rail connects seamlessly, avoiding pinch points
  3. 3. Specially designed tread plate prevents liquids from pooling
  4. 4. Tread plates connect to form level surface, reducing trip hazard
Mojo Barrier
  1. 5. Police step, facilitates removal of those in distress
  2. 6. Solid A-Frame welded aluminium construction
  3. 7. 'Blow through' face, secures to base with bolt
  4. 8. Pins strengthen connections and enable barriers to negotiate uneven terrain

Mojo Barrier Dimensions

Mojo Barrier Dimensions

Special Mojo Aluminium Barrier Sections

Mojo Barriers range includes special pieces compatible with the aluminium barrier system, with all the features and benefits of the aluminium barriers. The specials give flexibility to create shaped barriers, enable practical barrier configurations at events.

Mojo Barrier - Vario

Vario Corner

Corner piece with footplate ideal for shaped barriers without compromising barrier strength, allowing the barrier to be turned through any angle from -60° to +60°

Mojo Barrier - Flexi Corner

Flexi Corner

A hinged corner piece to create any angle shift in a barrier, particularly popular for mixing positions and concessions islands in crowds, and very useful to deal with uneven terrain

Mojo Barrier - Snake Runner

Snake Runner

A hinged section to create a &pos;door&pos; in the barrier for cables to cross the barrier line

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